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Claim Procedure


1. Telephone Conference/ Skype Call With a Superannuation Claims Lawyer

We will assess your situation and take down some details to look further into your claim
A) Your date of injury and/or illness
B) Employment history following injury and work performed
C) Start dates of employment
D) Your last day at work
E) Details of your super fund(s)

2. Contacting the Super Fund

We will contact your super fund(s) (subject to an authority from you) to find out the period and details of your TPD insurance cover. The cover can range from between $10,000 to $250,000 and sometimes even more.

3. Building Your Case – Evidence

Upon confirmation of your insurance we will then begin to support your claim with the necessary medical authorities and other documents.

4. Pushing The Claim

Insurance companies often handle these claims very poorly. It is vital the case is prepared well in the legal sense. The insurance company may require you to be assessed by an insurance doctor.
Our Super Team will guide you through this process and communicate with the insurer.

5. Settlement

We often settle claims before proceeding to court. Very rarely does a TPD claim end up in court. If your claim looks as though it will end up in court we will advise you of the best route.

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